We are a diverse company, including individuals with expertise in science, research, engineering, construction, and information technology. Our strength is in collectively providing integrated services—delivering the best solutions to meet our clients’ needs.

Massive undertakings such as buildings, bridges, tunnels, ports, jetties and all other infrastructure demand the highest levels of structural integrity, risk management, operability and safety.

That’s why we embed design expertise into our engineering and environmental consulting teams — from day one. We use an integrated, multidisciplinary approach that ensures continuity of knowledge and expertise throughout your project’s life cycle — from the consulting and design phases to the construction and contracting phases.

JDC’s strength in keeping your project on track also lies in its ability to advance the design work in parallel with our permitting, regulatory, construction, and contracting services — to deliver a fit-for-purpose solution that endures the test of time.

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JDC is striving to provide engineering and architectural design solutions that meet demanding schedules and exceed client expectations.

CEO Quotes

Architecture is the thoughtful making of the space

Louis Kahn