Ten Storied Steel Structure Hospital at Gazipur

PROJECT: Ten Storied Steel Structure Hospital at Gazipur

Firm: Joint Venture of Consultants of TSBCF and JDC

CLIENT: Tairunnesa Memorial Medical College

LOCATION:  Gazipur


Health sector buildings cater for a range of functions, that often change over time, and therefore flexibility and adaptability are essential characteristics to facilitate future re-configuring.

As a consequence, this 10 storied hospital building of Tairunnesa Memorial Medical College (TMMC) has been designed using steel moment resisting frame.

One of the significant design requirements for many health buildings include noise and vibration control in sensitive areas such as hospital theaters. Many health buildings require a high level of servicing and therefore the distribution and integration of services within the structure are important design considerations.

The health sector is committed to procuring and operating sustainable healthcare buildings, which places particular environmental requirements on many schemes.

Steel construction enables JDC designers to meet these diverse requirements efficiently and cost effectively.

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