We Design to Unite People and Elevate the Human Spirit

Our strength lies in the breadth and depth of our technical expertise which enables us to provide practical solutions to the most complex challenges for clients in a number of sectors. We provides following services for Building Design in Bangladesh.

In many areas of the world today, clients expect fully integrated design services for projects.  JDC works with its complementing consultancy services to support its architectural concepts with appropriate and economical solutions in engineering, sustainability, interior design, planning and infrastructure.

We design to unite people and elevate the human spirit — and recognize that it’s strongest when practiced from within. As a full-service firm that combines architecture, engineering, experience and many other related design services, collaboration is at the heart of what we do. We combine the expertise of various disciplines to approach projects from every angle. This rigorous process balances the needs of the project with the needs of the client — delivering solutions that last longer than style or trend.

This process is supported by our use of design technologies, which manage and translate vast amounts of data into designs that can be tested and manipulated in real time. The advanced tools and activities we employ (along with proprietary modeling and return on investment software) form a robust platform for project design and delivery.

Innovative architecture and design must change us, move us and allow us to become something new. We’re motivated by the curiosity to investigate how that innovation can work across projects, places and people.

  • Architectural Design

We provide you the expertise needed to complete the architectural design phase of your project. We follow local design guidelines and work with permitting agencies. Our services include site layout and conformance to setbacks and floor-to-area (FAR) requirements, grading and erosion controls, stormwater management, wetland mitigation, utilities, water/wastewater systems, solid waste disposal, lighting, and roads and parking. We also provide construction management services.


  • Interior Design and 3D Modeling

We apply a comprehensive cross-disciplinary design process and studio approach to creating interior environments that support an organization’s mission and elevate the user’s experience. Whether we’re designing a start-up corporate office or a 500-bed acute care facility, we know that the most ambitious goals are achieved by paying attention to the smallest details. Our experienced interior designers balance the increasingly important role of technology with the need to create sustainable, humanistic and comfortable spaces.


  • Branding

Our specialists in brand strategy, graphic design and communications provide clients with tangible and memorable expressions of their organization’s brand. We begin by identifying the important insights that make an organization unique, and then develop compelling visuals and clear communications that distinguish it from a sea of sameness while fostering a sense of ownership by clients, partners and owners. We work to make sure that all aspects of an organization’s brand identity — its brand promise, logo mark, messaging, online presence, environmental graphics and physical environment — are an extension of its brand values and are used effectively to build business.

  • Landscape and Site Design

    As a fully integrated design firm, our landscape and site designs are holistically linked to the building envelope and engineering systems. We create spaces that are unique, yet an inextricable part of the whole. We begin with visioning sessions that establish high-level goals for what the design needs to achieve, and then develop a language for spatial quality that responds to user needs. We consider public and private as well as interior and exterior connections that are vital for creating inviting, active sites. We focus on the human dimension of design and strive to elevate the expression of the natural environment as it relates to the entire project context

  • Structural Design

Our deep bench of expertise in complex structures ensures the safety and reliability of our built environments, and provides the backbone and strength for quality designs. Using the latest advances in technology, we provide engineering services for steel, concrete, masonry, and timber structures that exceed our clients’ needs for serviceability, functionality and form. Our integrated approach to engineering means our structural engineers work side-by-side with other engineering disciplines to provide a well-coordinated design within the shortest possible timeline.

We have the tools, technology and experience to provide comprehensive geotechnical services for foundations to rock-cut slopes. Our integrated teams can perform and evaluate soil and rock analysis and foundation analysis, design slope retention systems and cut-and-fill slopes, and much more. We can also manage instrumentation, monitoring and quality control systems during construction. We work closely with each client and design team to identify project needs and provide technically sound, cost-effective and constructible solutions.

  • Electrical Design

We provide a diverse range of electrical system designs as well as consulting services for all building types and business classes, including facility system investigation and recommendations, writing/editing specifications, energy studies, cost analyses and payback studies, peer reviews, commissioning support, and construction administration. Our goal is to provide appropriate and efficient solutions that achieve client satisfaction throughout the life of the building.

  • Lighting Design

Our lighting specialists understand both the art and science of illumination. They’re at the forefront of emerging technologies and daylighting strategies, oftentimes writing design manuals and standards for our clients. Our lighting designs give form and character to spaces while improving visual performance, supporting visual comfort, and engaging occupants. We work to fully integrate lighting with architecture, creating dynamic and exciting spaces across all building types and environments.

  • Plumbing Design

Drawing on our plumbing experience and qualifications, we have the ability to provide significant input into the Hydraulic Design and Sanitary Plumbing layout of our clients developments. This understanding of the plumbing section of the building code and relevant regulations enables us to provide accurate initial design information to Architects or Engineers saving them time when gaining a building consent and ultimately their clients money through accurate drawings and information.

  • Fire Hydrant and Sprinkler Design

We offer a broad range of services designed to facilitate construction processes, ensure code compliance, adhere to budgetary constraints, and provide a high quality, user friendly end product.

JDC provides complete fire protection engineering services including:

  1. Automatic sprinkler systems design

  2. Fire hydrant systems including storage, pumps, boosters and pressure controls.
  3. Fire alarm systems design

  4. 3rd party plan review services

  5. Smoke control systems design

  6. Stair & elevator pressurization systems design

  7. Fire pump design

  8. Water storage tank design

  9. Fire hose reel systems, Fire extinguishers
  1. Smoke detection systems.
  • Steel Structure Design

JDC is a quality-driven consulting company that offers well-defined, intuitive and accurate Architectural Engineering services to the global clientele since our inception. Being a leading consultancy, highly qualified, skilled and technically sound professionals are our true assets!

We follow international standards and codes for meeting your specific requirements. We provide finest and thorough consultation for Architectural Design Services, CAD Drafting, Structural Detailing Services, MEP Shop Drawings Services, Interior Designing Services and others with best competitive pricing in the industry.

Our fleet of designers, engineers, architects, detailers, draftsmen and professionals are truly aware about all the latest tools and technologies related 2D & 3D modeling and detailing. With the proper implementation of present day technology, we give you exceptional drawings for long-lasting construction.

  • Construction Supervision

JDC provides comprehensive construction management consulting services that provide the best results for your project. Our experts possess decades of engineering and construction experience and apply this knowledge to the everyday challenges that owners, contractors, engineers, and architects face throughout the construction process. Depending on your specific project needs and requirements, PMA provides the following construction consulting services:

  • BOQ, Estimate and Budget Preparation

We are providing Quantity Surveying Services. With the help of our skilled civil engineers, we offer high-end Quality Surveying Services. These services are executed with the help of modern technology and strategically planned designs. Furthermore, the service that we put forth for our clients is easy to direct & execute.

This service includes following activities:

  • Preparation of Bill of Quantities
  • Verification of tender BOQ
  • Material Take Off
  • Barbconding Schedules


  • RAJUK/POUROSOVA Plan Approval

JDC provides comprehensive consulting services for getting building plan approval from following local authorities of Bangladesh:

  1. RAJUK (Rajdhani Unnayan Kartipakkha)
  2. Pourosova
  3. Civil Avaiation
  4. WASA
  5. TITAS Gas Transmission Co.
  7. City Corporation
  8. National Housing Authority
  9. DTCA ( Dhaka Traffic  Control Authority)
  10. DMP ( Dhaka Metropalitan Police)
  11. Fire Department
  12. Environement Department